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Revda underboss previously convicted for 20 years gets out of jail

Nikolay Smovzh

The court released Nikolay Smovzh from prison due to his health problems. petition for early release due to illness.
Famous criminal from Sverdlovsk region Nikolay Smovzh is going to be released from prison 15 years before his due date. As reported by URA.RU, the Sinarsky District Court of Kamensk-Uralsky confirmed the lower court's decision to release Smovzh for health reasons. In the near future, the court's decision will be appealed by the prosecutor's office in the Sverdlovsk Regional Court.
Recall that Smovzh, known as Revda underboss, was sentenced to 19 years in a strict-regime colony for an attack on two people in 2007, as well as for shooting a visitor at the Pampasi cafe in 2004. In addition, the investigation proved that the criminal is involved in several murders in the ‘90s and ‘00s.
Thus, taking into account his stay in a pre-trial detention center, Smovzh spent four years in prison. In March 2018, the Verkh-Isetsky Court of Yekaterinburg fulfilled his application for release in connection with a disease, yet the prosecutor's office challenged it.
The supervisory authority insisted that Smovzh got ill back in the 1980s. Also, the prosecutor's office noted that the release would not contribute to However, the doctor who conducted the examination did not have a license.