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Businesswoman of Ukrainian and Russian origin stabbed to death in Montenegro

Police of the resort city of Kotor, Montenegro, are investigating the murder of a Ukrainian and Russian citizen Anastasiya Lashmanova, whose fortune exceeded a hundred million euros.
According to police, the corpse of the foreign woman with traces of violence, including stab wounds, was discovered in an apartment at her place of residence, Vijesti informs. Presumably, the hotelier woman could be killed during the robbery of her apartment. According to another version, she was slain by a friend.
Lashmanova was the Director of Mimoza group and Sea trade companies. The latter bought the famous Mimoza hotel in the center of Tivat three years ago and finished building a new hotel complex in this place. The Ukrainian entrepreneur was also the owner of elite complex LaPerla, located next to marina (parking point of yachts) Porto Montenegro in Tivat. Besides, she owned Fatalna beauty salon, located in the prestigious apart-hotel Tre Canne in Budva, according to Evropeyskaya Pravda.
Lashmanova's companies were involved in construction activities in the resort of Kamenari and on the beach of Ponta Seljanova (Tivat). Lashmanova's assets are estimated at 105 million euros, pens FOS.
Resorts as ‘laundries’ for Russians
Anastasiya Lashmanova came to Montenegro several years ago. She had a Russian passport and at first, worked as a waitress. The press also provides unofficial information that businessman Valery Zadorin is behind the assets of Lashmanova. He is the owner of Russian company Aroma (Aromatic World) - one of the largest firms for the sale of luxury goods, as well as alcoholic beverages. Valery Zadorin's partner is his brother Pavel.
Valery and Pavel Zadorin were born in Kyrgyzstan and are the nephews of a former high-ranking policeman, then St. Petersburg crime lord Leb Cherepov dubbed Cherep (Skull), wrote The Moscow Post. Cherep had joint projects with Tayvanchik (Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov), Yaponchik(Vyacheslav Ivankov), Otarik (Otari Kvantrishvili), representatives of Solntsevskaya and Izmaylovskaya gangs.
When the National Sports Fund (NSF) emerged, which received enormous benefits for the supply of alcohol from abroad, the closest overseas partners of this enterprise were Tayvanchikand Cherep. Their interests in the NFS were represented by very young Pavel Zadorin, who was appointed Vice President of the NSF.
When this enterprise decided to gain a foothold in the alcohol market of St. Petersburg, NFS Head Shamil Tarpischev called the then Mayor of the northern capital, Anatoly Sobchak, and asked to aid Pavel Zadorin. Between 1995 and 1996, Zadorin owned a number of companies, including Vip Realty LLC. He also founded security company S G S.
The police repeatedly detained Pavel Zadorin on charges of committing various crimes. In 1996, Zadorin along with some Podorozhny, Petrashov, and Stadnikov ended up in jail on charges of kidnapping businesswoman Kremneva and extorting money from her. However, thanks to his extensive connections, Zadorin did not stay in the detention center for a long time, and cases against him fell apart.
Notably, Lashmanova's connection with the Zadorins, who had ties in criminal circles, poses a question of the origin of money invested in business development in Montenegro. The ‘Russian mafia’ often uses investments in the tourist, hotel and construction businesses as a means of money laundering.

For instance, five years ago Spanish Majorca apprehended ex-Director of Crystal distillery Alexander Romanov, who was hailed as the leader of Taganskaya crime group. He bought three-star hotel Mar i Pins in the resort of Paguera for 6 million euros.