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Battle for crime lord title

 Eduard Asatryan (Edik Osetrina)

Shishkan to become crime lord No. 1 after Shakro Molodoy’s convictionOsetrina to create influential clan from among his former enemies"Boss of all bosses" of Russian mafia Shakro Molodoy sentenced to almost 10 years
Edik Osetrina is the first person who wants to challenge the Shakro’s title.
At that moment, while crime lord Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) has not even been escorted to the colony, new leaders of his clan have already appeared. Kingpin Eduard Asatryan (Edik Osetrina) could oppress Kalashov in the Krasnodar Territory and the Rostov region. As Rosbalt reports, he already found support from Ded Hasan’s allies.
According to the source of the agency, Asatryan, who left the race for the title of crime lord, recently established ties in the Donbass. However, he recently returned to Russia and demonstrated his special status, traveling around Moscow on the armored Mercedes-Benz S-class of the latest generation, accompanied by cars with security.
Osetrina managed to get close to criminal general Vagif Suleymanov (Vagif Bakinsky) and nephew of Ded Hasan Dmitry Chanturia (Miron). He also has good relationship with kingpin Oleg Shishkanov (Shishkan), who is replacing Shakro now. Shishkan does not spread this information
According to sources of Rosbalt, three closest to Kalashov's mobs, with whom he has ties - David Ozmanov (Dato Krasnodarsky), Nodar Asoyan (Nodar Rustavsky) and Shalva Ozmanov (Kuso) – face attacks from Osetrina. Asatryan's representatives began to visit the businessmen of the Krasnodar Territory and the Rostov region controlled by them, mainly ethnic Armenians and Greeks, explaining that they should abandon their current patrons and acquire new ones in the person of Osetrina. Several times it almost came to the point of "disassembly."
According to the interlocutors of the agency, the current situation does not mean the beginning of the conflict: Osetrina only puts feelers out and is waiting for the information about the conditions under which Kalashov will be kept (at the moment he is still in Lefortovo). If he is completely isolated from any communication, then Asatryan launch a real criminal war.
It is worth noting that at one time Osetrina was actually a right hand of Ded Hasan. However, later he fell into disgrace with Usoyan. Officially, the conflict allegedly occurred because of some kingpins. However, according to other sources, he fell out of favor precisely because of his activity in the Kuban and the Rostov region.

At the end of March the Nikulinsky District Court of Moscow sentenced Zakhar Kalashov to 9 years and 10 months of strict regime on charges of extortion of 8 million rubles ($126.600) from the owner of the Elements restaurant on Rochdelskaya Street.