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Over 100 Russian mafia dons to meet in Turkey for mob summit

After the Russian Interior Ministry announced it would intervene if they held their summit in Russia, Russian mob bosses decided to hold their meeting in Turkey instead over security concerns.

According to a source from the Russian security forces who talked to local news agency Rosbalt, the decision to move the mob summit over to Turkey was taken after the Interior Ministry announced, “If you meet anywhere within Russia we will intervene.”

Allegedly it was Gela Kardava who put forward the idea to hold the summit in Turkey, an idea looked up warmly by Zakhar Kalashov, the leader of the Russian-Georgian mafia worldwide.

The source added that an exact date for the Turkey summit was not known.
According to Spanish newspaper ABC, Russian and Georgian mob bosses also held a similar summit in Athens, Greece in 2013. ABC claimed that it was during that summit that Kalashov was elected the leader of the Russian-Georgian mafia worldwide.