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Austrian police apprehend alleged Russian mafia murderer

Austrian police apprehend alleged Russian mafia murderer
Austrian investigators from the Federal Criminal Police Office arrested a Russian man accused of murdering at least six people as part of mafia activities, at the Vienna Central Station on Saturday.
The 44-year-old suspect known as "Aslan G." had been wanted by Interpol Moscow through an international arrest warrant, the Federal Criminal Police Office said in a statement over the arrest Monday.
The suspect is alleged to have been involved in mafia activities of a violent nature, taking over the leadership of his gang following the life imprisonment of his older brother, moving from expensive car theft to the illegal liquor production business in Russia.
He is accused of executing six people and leaving a further three seriously injured, including the mayor of the town of Vladikavkaz in 2008, along with other high-ranking government and security officials.
Russian police cracked down on the gang in October 2013 following public outcry, upon which they were busted, a weapons arsenal seized, and police uniforms found. It later became clear however that the gang leader had fled to Vienna.
Despite having a fake Bulgarian passport on him, the suspect, who had been surprised over the arrest but offered no resistance, admitted his true identity immediately. He was transported to prison in Josefstadt, from where he will be extradicted