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Pakhan: The ‘boss’ or the ‘Kresti otets’ is the ‘Godfather’ & controls everything. The Pakhan controls four criminal cells in the working unit through an intermediary called the ‘Brigadier’

Sovietnik: The councilor or the advisor and one of the most trusted people of the Pakhan

Obshchak: The bookmaker, who collects funds from the Brigadiers and bribes the government; he is another one of the most trusted people of the Pakhan

Brigadier: The brigadier is the ‘Avtorityet’ or ‘Authority’ is in-charge of a small group of men called a brigade (Bratvahe assigns jobs to the Boyeviks and pays his tributes to the Pakhans. 5-6 Boyeviks and Shestoyorkas comprise a brigade.

Boyevik: Literally means the warrior, they work for the Brigadier. They have a special criminal activity to run. They are also in-charge of finding new members and paying tributes to the Brigadier. They are also the main strike force of the Bratva.

Kryshas: Literally meaning roofs or covers, they are cunning & violent individuals employed to protect the business from other criminal organizations

Torpedos: Contract killers for the mafia

Byki: Bodyguards of the mafia

Shestyorka: Associates to the mafia organization, often playing the role of an errand boy being the lowest rank in the mafia