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Organized crime group suspected of contract killings detained in Azerbaijan

By Ilkin Izzet -
An organized crime group suspected of contract killings, robbery, theft and selling drugs were detained in Azerbaijan, according to an Azerbaijani Interior Ministry's message released on March 19.
As a result of operative search activities conducted by the Criminal Investigation Department of Azerbaijani Interior Ministry, Main Organized Crime Department and Sheki Police Department, the members of the organized crime group, consisting of 11 people, suspected of contract murder, robbery, theft and selling drugs, were arrested, the ministry said.
The police revealed the murder of 53-year-old Sheki native Oruj Shiraliyev's murder, committed April 13, 2013 in Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod. It was established that Shiraliyev's murder was ordered by his 43-year-old wife Sevinj Shiraliyeva, his 21-year-old son Burkhan Shiraliyev and a person close to their family - the 33-year-old Vusal Mustafayev.
There was a long feud between Vusal Mustafayev and Oruj Shiraliyev, according to Mustafayev's testimony given during the investigation.
To put an end to this feud and take over Shiraliyev's property, Mustafayev decided to kill him and arranged it with Shiraliyev's wife and son, he testified.
They agreed that after Shiraliyev's murder they would share his property. After reaching this agreement, Vusal Mustafayev instructed Sheki resident the 37-year-old Igbal Jumayev to find a killer. Jumayev acquainted Mustafayev with his fellow countryman the 35-year-old, Elchin Mammadov, who he promised to give $20,000 for the murder of Shiraliyev.
Elchin Mammadov told him that he would commit this crime on Russia's territory. According to a pre-agreed plan, Oruj Shiraliyev's son Burkhan Shiraliyev went to Nizhny Novgorod, where he waited for Elchin Mammadov.
There Burkhan Shiraliyev informed Mammadov about the route his father took to work and other necessary details. On April 13, 2013 Elchin Mammadov murdered Shiraliyev, stabbing him multiple times.
Following the murder, Shiraliyev's house in Sheki, minibus taxi buses and trucks were sold through the 28-year-old Rufat Nuraliyev, who posed as a crime boss, and then the money was divided. When Vusal Mustafayev and Burkhan Shiraliyev refused to pay the promised $20,000 to Elchin Mammadov, he threatened them and got half the money.
In another incident involving Vusal Mustafayev, an investigation revealed that Sheki resident Ruslan Rafiyev informed gang members that there was $200,000 and gold in the house of his acquaintance, Khanlar Huseynov.
Vusal Mustafayev along with 31-year-old Kamran Gafarov, wearing masks, came to Huseynov's house at night. Meeting him in the yard, they used a stun gun and tear gas, attacked him and tied him up, stole $1,400 and 3600 Azerbaijani manats from the house, and went into hiding.
The investigation also proved that these persons tried at different times to hack ATMs of the International Bank of Azerbaijan in Sheki.
Mustafayev and Gafarov, along with 34-year-old Mikayil Mustafayev and 38-year-old Rufat Huseynaliyev bought welding equipment and other supplies, and tried to crack several ATMs. But they did not succeed, because they did not know how to use the welding equipment. The items, used during the crime, were found at the detainees and confiscated as material evidence.
During the detention, heroin was found on each member of the gang. As a result of continuing operative search measures the police also detained persons involved in drug trafficking. The 44-year-old Ilgar Teymurov, who was previously engaged in drug trafficking, and 44-year-old Loghman Abdullayev, were detained at the crime scene.
Criminal cases under corresponding articles were launched on these facts, investigation is underway. Another investigation is underway for revealing other crimes that could have been committed by these persons.
Citizens affected by these persons' activities or having any information about them may call '102' at the Azerbaijani Interior Ministry or go to the nearest police authority.