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Ceasars signed deal with hotelier accused of having tie to Russian mob

A Caesars Entertainment subsidiary signed a licensing deal with a New York hotel firm after Caesars’ own investigation turned up material alleging a principal in the hotel company had ties to Russian mobsters and had helped sponsor a visa for a reputed professional hit man, according to a report from Massachusetts casino investigators

Caesars confirmed over the weekend that state investigators had raised red flags over a branding deal with Gansevoort Hotel Group, a New York boutique hotel company. Caesars severed the agreement after Massachusetts regulators flagged it as a problem.
State investigators raised issues with one of the principals of Gansevoort, Arik Kislin, who was alleged in a 2012 New York Post article to have ties to Russian mobsters.
“During this investigation, investigators have consulted with various law enforcement entities, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, regarding Arik Kislin and the information detailed within this investigative report,” state investigators wrote. “In response to our request for information, we received information from the FBI that Arik Kislin is in fact known to them and has been linked to various members of Eurasian Organized Crime.”