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DR and Russia signed an agreement against organized crime and included extradition.

The attorneys general of the Dominican Republic, Dr. Radhames Jiménez Peña, and Russia, Dr. Yuriy Chaika, signed today in Moscow an agreement on international legal cooperation, including the fight against organized crime, extradition cases and mutual legal assistance in criminal matters.
As an statement from the Attorney General, the agreement also covers the area of protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens and the exchange of information on the legal system and the laws of both States.

Also provides that the parties held by mutual agreement, meetings and consultations, in order to exchange experiences in their respective activities, discuss issues of mutual interest as well as those subject to the consideration of international forums and organizations.

The statement was made by Jimenez Pena who traveled to Russia to exhaust a joint agenda with the authorities of that nation. He is accompanied by a delegation of the Dominican ambassador Jorge Luis Perez Alvarado, and Dr. Pedro Mateo Ibert, Attorney General of the Court of Appeal in San Juan de la Maguana.

The Attorney General of Russia, Yuri Chaika noted the progress made by the Attorney General of the Dominican Republic and the achievements of Jiménez Peña management in terms of professionalization, training and effectiveness of members of the institution.

For his part, Judge Jiménez Peña thanked the hospitality of the prosecutor Yuriy Chaika, recognizing their great efforts in the fight against organized crime, "which has deployed the head of the Office of the world's largest nation territorially, doing efforts of the Russian nation a safe society, "quotes the document.

The agreement stipulates that the parties maintain cooperation as provided therein and their respective responsibilities, observing the laws and international commitments of both states.

States that the parties shall, by agreement, carry out academic research of mutual interest, conferences, seminars and round table meetings and maintain the cooperation in vocational education and training of specialists from both prosecutors.