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Eye surgeon found guilty of plotting to kill partner

He could spend up to 20 years in jail


VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - The co-founder of Clearly Lasik eye surgery has been found guilty of plotting to kill his business partner, who happens to be the official LASIK surgeon of the Vancouver Canucks.

Dr Michael Mackovac was convicted on solicitation to commit murder, attempted murder and theft charges for his plans to have a Russian mafia hit man take out Dr Joseph King.

Prosecutors say he wanted to kill King because of his plans to split the company. Mackovak asked an employee to put him in touch with a Russian mafia hit man to carry out the killings, for which he was willing to pay $100,000.

Juror Stephanie Delaney says they struggled to reach the guilty verdicts because of defense claims that the government entrapped Mackovak. "The thing that was persuasive to all of us was Dr. Mackovac didn't indicate at all that he was reluctant.  He seemed perfectly happy to be pushed."

Mackovak was cleared of charges that he tried to hire someone to kill the company's former President.

He is facing up to 20 years in prison and will be sentenced next month.